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Client Care/Information

Mainstream Rehabilitative Services team can help you manage the needs of you and/or your loved one. While we handle all types of cases.

Contact one of our knowledgeable Client Care Coordinators at (864) 202-0161 for a FREE HOME VISIT or PHONE ASSESSMENT of your unique situation and how we can assist you with Mainstream Rehabilitative Services home healthcare and personal services.

If you prefer e-mail, send a quick note to

The Mainstream Rehabilitative Customer Care Team:

We at Mainstream Rehabilitative Services can provide a friendly and professional hand to develop an individual care plan for you that works in conjunction with the physician’s instructions and your personal and healthcare needs. We have a great team of Nurses supervising any health care program needed by you or your loved one. Don’t need a Home Health Aide (HHA), but would like some personal care – we have a fine group of Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) and companions available 24/7 for all your needs.

If you are a caregiver, give yourself a break. Mainstream Rehabilitative Services can provide Home Health Aides who can assist you. 

Creating an Age in Place Plan

One of the greatest achievements as an adult for many people is the purchase of their first home. They spend years tending to it, upgrading it and making memories. Where you live can also be a status symbol – an extension of one’s personal mark on the world. Most people love their homes and never want to leave after a few decades.

So it makes sense to “age in place” for so many folks. Please see our blog for more information. However, it’s important to make your environment safe and easy to continue to live in.

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